August 30, 2018

Solar is one of the major industries that we service in Malaysia. This 50 MW solar generating facility is located in Gambang, Pahang. It is one of the large-scale solar projects approved by the government.

In the span of approximately four months, we delivered 700 containers from Port Klang to Gambang, Pahang. Among the items imported from China are photovoltaic panels, solar modular structures, inverters and transformers.

The timeline of four months is actually pretty short for a solar project of that scale. However, due to the project’s tight schedule, we had to accommodate the delivery according to client’s request. Containers are being moved on a daily basis, bracing through bad weather, traffic congestion and any other unforeseen circumstances.

If you require similar services – solar projects or any other deliveries – do speak to us. Drop us an email at for assistance!

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